Prostate Cancer Second Opinion in The Woodlands, TX

You just learned that you have cancer in your prostate and are not certain what to do next. It’s okay; take a breather and do not panic. Oftentimes, men who are diagnosed with this condition seek a second opinion from another specialist. Urologist Miguel Mercado, MD has extensive experience providing second opinions for men who would like more detailed information on treatment options and overall care. If you think you would benefit from a second opinion, then continue reading to learn more.

What Is a Second Opinion?

A second opinion plays an important part in knowing more about your prostate cancer and the recommended treatment options. Men who choose to seek additional education about their diagnosis from another physician have a better chance of obtaining the most appropriate treatment. Since there are many treatment options for prostate cancer available, it’s vital to know which one will work best for you, especially since not all diagnoses of prostate cancer are equal (some forms are more aggressive than others).

When you schedule a second opinion with Dr. Mercado in Tomball or The Woodlands, then you will receive a comprehensive review of your cancer diagnosis, along with the treatment recommendations. We will look over all of the following to ensure that you have the soundest medical advice concerning the steps to take with your prostate cancer:

  • Your pathology report (how the cancer looks under the microscope)
  • Your physical condition
  • Your proposed treatment

Why should I get a second opinion?

Getting diagnosed with something as serious as prostate cancer can have a huge impact on your overall quality of life. But the decisions you make now could affect your long-term wellbeing. That’s why it’s imperative that you seek a second opinion from a board-certified urologist like Dr. Mercado to gather more information on what course of action you should take. Also, a second opinion will:

  • Help balance what you hear from your primary care physician
  • Give you more confidence in your available options
  • Sometimes lead to a different diagnosis of your prostate
  • Help give you peace of mind

American men diagnosed with prostate cancer often request second opinions before they start treatment. If you think a second opinion will benefit you, then you are not alone.

Schedule your Second Opinion with Urologist Miguel Mercado, MD Today

Our team is dedicated to helping you decide what to do next with your prostate cancer diagnosis. We are pleased to offer second opinions to all men who would like to gain more information about their condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling (281) 351-5174.