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Should I Get a Second Opinion for My Prostate Cancer Diagnosis?

You just received the C word diagnosis. You are shocked, frightened, and wary. Is that it? Do I simply believe everything I am being told and do what they say? Or should I get a second opinion for my prostate cancer diagnosis? 

What’s First and Next?

Of course, you are frightened and not sure how to proceed. What you should not do first is immediately rush into treatments without doing your own “due diligence.” Read everything you can get your hands on about prostate cancer. Learn about treatment options, learn about life expectancy, ask about the stage of your cancer, and make a list of all your other questions. Our urologist will be understanding and want to provide as much information as they can. Don’t feel like you have to make instant decisions.

Urologist consultation for male patient.

Next, consider getting a second opinion. Once you know what treatments or combination of treatments our urologist is recommending, you can begin to compare those with another specialist and their care. 

Maybe it will be exactly the same, maybe it will be a different treatment, or a different order to the treatments. 

Urologist Miguel Mercado, MD has extensive experience providing second opinions for men who would like more detailed information on treatment options and overall care. If you think you would benefit from a second opinion, then continue reading to learn more.

Why You Should Get a Second Opinion

There are many benefits to getting a second opinion for prostate cancer.

  • In many men prostate cancer is slow growing. A second opinion will provide additional information about non-surgical treatments and when and if to decide on surgical treatments.
  • Becoming aware of other treatment plans can give you a sense of reassurance you are making the right decision for yourself.
  • You will become more knowledgeable. If a second opinion confirms what your own doctor has said, you will have peace of mind knowing you are doing the right thing. However, differing opinions can give you more options to consider.
  • You may find out you can avoid treatments you don’t need or lessen the intensity of treatments you do need. Both of these can contribute to your quality of life.
  • You will encounter different specialists who can guide you through your cancer journey. You may meet an experienced urologist like Dr. Mercado, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists as you have treatments at different times.
  • Take advantage of your medical rights. Check with your insurance to be sure a second opinion will be covered. Most are. Decisions about your care are yours. Your care specialists will make recommendations, but ultimately it is your life and your decision.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Be sure to ask the provider:

  • Is my diagnosis accurate? Precise enough?
  • What is the standard of care treatment and are there other options? What are their pros and cons, and how do the side effects differ?
  • Can I continue to reach out to you with more questions?

Having peace of mind about your prostate cancer and your decisions is invaluable. 

Contact our board-certified urologist, Dr. Miguel Mercado at (281) 351-5174 for more questions about your diagnosis or to get a prostate cancer second opinion in The Woodlands and Tomball, TX.